Password Protect All (almost) Running Programs/Documents

LockThis! is a tiny Windows utility that makes it possible to password protect almost any programs or documents that's currently running/open. This tool is perfect for people who often lend their PC to others, because with this tool they can keep the content of some programs or documents from other people eyes without need to close them first. Huge time saver if you really often lend your PC.

It's very easy to apply the protection. Mostly it only involves pressing keyboard Ctrl button when minimizing the window of the program/document and supply the password in the dialog that follows (or you might had chosen to use a predefined common password, which in this case you won't be asked for password). Now the content is save because the window can not be restored or maximized without supplying correct password. Whenever the window is about to restore or maximize a dialog asking for password will pop up. If the correct password is not supplied, the restore or maximize request will be ignored and the window stays minimized.


Compared to closing the applications or documents, LockThis! offers these advantages.

  • You don't need to redo your work in the case you can't save your work before close
  • Far smaller chance for others' eyes to comprehend what's in the screen, because LockThis! locking process much more faster than closing (which usually involves a confirmation to close and asking to save first).

To make it easier understand how LockThis! can help you, please read our short article on what situations makes LockThis! very useful to you.

However please do not rely solely on LockThis! to protect really sensitive matters. Because although in the latest version we have password protect every mission critical areas, but there are still ways to close LockThis! by force. Once LockThis! terminated the protection it applied before will be nullified. We employ this failsafe protection because we don't want you to be kept off from your work after accidentally closed LockThis!.

Download LockThis! here, and start to password protect your programs/documents easily


  • Pasword protect minimized windows
  • Password protection for restoring/maximizing/closing minimized windows
  • Password protect admin/configuration area
  • Password protection for disabling protection or closing LockThis!
  • Fully hidden (no tray icon, no taskbar button), even in task manager


  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • 3 megabytes of free disk space for installation
  • Keyboard and mouse

Known Bugs

Here is list of LockThis!'s known bugs. If you find bug that is not listed below, please report it here.

No. Report Name Description Status
1. Nov 20th, 2009
by G4ry
High cpu usage LockThis! consumes 46 to 48% CPU usage when running Fixed
(Nov 22nd, 2009)

LockThis! Known Issues

All of these known issues are related with other software that can not be locked by LockThis! or conflicting with LockThis!. These issues are those that could not be fixed in the near future.

No. Name Problem Possible Cause
1. Windows 64bit Could not lock some applications LockThis! is 32bit application, it could not lock windows from 64bit applications
2. Mozilla FireFox 3.x Can not be locked Possibly FireFox internal security feature
3. Internet Explorer 8 IE8 stops responding upon launching when LockThis! activated Possibly IE8 internal security feature



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